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Atkinson Lewis excels in providing specialized forensic analysis services tailored for Family Court needs. We offer precise, dependable, and thorough insights to aid in child custody cases, paternity disputes, and other family-related legal matters.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the main services we provide:

How hair drug testing can identify recreational vs dependent misuse

Hair Drug Testing for The Family Court

Fluids like saliva and urine provide recent data, useful for weekly monitoring of a parent. However, only hair testing can reveal long-term drug usage, detailing what substances were used and when.

By analyzing a 3-6 cm hair sample, typically cut from the back of the head, we can provide up to six months of data, with a detection window starting seven days before the collection date. This “black box recording” shows patterns of drug use, including multiple or variable uses of common drugs.

The process doesn’t end with lab analysis; a senior biochemist reviews the data, followed by interpretation from a medical expert. The final report offers not just forensic data, but also context and recommendations for the Family Court.

Why Psychiatric Analysis of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Hair Alcohol Testing in Family Law

In custody cases, every hair strand provides valuable information. However, it’s important to consider hair alcohol test results as part of a larger evidential picture, as highlighted by Justice Moylan’s 2010 ruling. He emphasized that hair tests should be corroborated with blood alcohol tests and medical interpretation.

At Atkinson Lewis, we conduct hair alcohol tests with this understanding. Starting with a 3-6 cm hair sample, which grows about 1 cm per month, we analyze alcohol consumption over a period.

Though there’s a 7-day blind spot (alcohol consumed up to a week before collection), combining these results with blood tests helps establish a pattern of excess alcohol use.

How parents with drug and alcohol problems impact children

Blood Alcohol Test

Testing for alcohol misuse in parents requires a multifaceted approach, as no single test provides all the answers. Various sources of evidence might sometimes contradict each other. Our role is to explore these different avenues and provide a balanced report, considering both biochemical and psychiatric evidence.

Blood alcohol tests are crucial as they offer time-specific insights into drinking patterns. While hair tests show average alcohol levels over several months, blood tests can pinpoint binge episodes and examine claims of abstinence, providing a clearer, more reliable picture. Multiple tests, combined with expert medical review, help us move closer to a safe and accurate conclusion.

DNA Testing for Child Custody Cases

Our robust DNA testing service is pivotal in family courts, particularly for child custody cases. Primarily, this involves resolving paternity disputes for local authorities handling child support claims or access rights. However, DNA testing has broader applications, and we are equipped to support various genetic queries.

Our DNA testing services include:

  • Proof of paternity, at any age after birth.
  • Bloodline testing for grandparents, siblings, and other relatives in inheritance disputes, missing persons cases, or adoption matters.
  • Y-STR testing to establish male lineage.
  • Secure sample collection, including prison visits.

Atkinson Lewis is committed to providing the Family Court with meticulous forensic analysis, ensuring that every case is backed by comprehensive and reliable data.

Making a Difference in Family Law

In the complex world of family law, where the stakes are high and emotions run deep, choosing the right partner for drug and alcohol testing can make all the difference.

Our commitment to same-day sample collection, competitive pricing, experienced and compassionate collectors, expert clinical insights, comprehensive support, and the warmth of a small family-run business sets us apart as the ideal choice for family law solicitors.

Why we use hair segmentation in drug tests
Declared Drug Misuse and Hair Test Results

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