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  • Trained in hair and blood collection
  • For all parental lab tests: drug, alcohol, DNA
  • Observing chain of custody protocols

Hair & Blood Collection – samples for DNA matching plus parental drug and alcohol tests

Let’s face it, Sample Collectors have earned a bad reputation. We’ve all heard tales of aggressive bailiff types treating clients with disdain. So much so, a rude judgmental tone is all but expected – which makes a stressful situation all the harder to bear.

So when we took a long hard look at drug and alcohol testing, sample collection was the first thing we set out to fix.

That’s why we employ our own collectors (no agencies, no temps) and train them to a new professional standard – as we hope you’ll see when we first work together.

It starts with the human touch

Our collectors are friendly in nature, and trained to put clients at ease – which, as you’ll know, counts for more than basic courtesy. Where drugs or alcohol are involved, the collector’s first job is to record the client’s pattern of use, or take a declaration of abstinence. Then their observations will be passed to our medical team, and may feature in the final review. So our trust and rapport with the client plays a vital role in establishing the truth.

Next comes the sample

A small blood sample is all we need

Taking a hair or blood sample is a sensitive matter, so discretion is key – as is knowledge of the lab testing process, because every collection must produce a viable sample.

Hair can be especially problematic. As standard, we’ll cut a small 6cm sample close to the scalp. But if it’s a thin type or we’re screening beyond the 9 Panel Drug Test, we may need to take larger or multiple samples to ensure accuracy.

Similarly, we may take a back-up sample of body hair where the head hair has been exposed to contaminants like gels, oils, hairsprays and other chemicals.

It’s often a judgement call, to get the best sample with the minimum of fuss.

Then the final step: compliance

Once the sample is taken, we have two priorities: speed and integrity. So we’ve developed a rapid, secure process that strictly adheres to the court’s chain of custody protocols.

Samples are sealed in tamper-proof packaging and sent securely to the lab with a full tracking service

It all works via a secure app that records the sample’s journey from point of collection to receipt by a UKAS accredited lab. We’ve designed this to close down potential areas of dispute, and make sure we deliver on our commitment to turn around the finished report within 5 working days.

Why work with Atkinson Lewis?

  • A “Data Plus” approach, putting lab results in context
  • Medical interpretation by a drug and alcohol specialist
  • End to end support for public and private law cases: from sample collection to lab analysis and medical review
  • MIFA Report: an expert witness statement accepted by UK Family Courts
  • All testing conducted by trusted partners in ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory – certified for multiple tests inc. hair drug testing and hair/blood alcohol testing
  • Friendly, non-judgemental sample collectors working in most UK regions – highly trained to follow strict chain of custody protocols
  • Transparent pricing for LAA approval
  • Split-billing between all parties involved
  • Hands-on customer service team, working all hours to take on new instructions
  • Paperless system – from Digital Court Bundle to secure document storage

Hair and drug testing in child custody cases - Expert witness report

Sample Collection is part of our MIFA report:

Medical Interpretation of Forensic Analysis

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