Medical Expert Witness Service

  • Medical interpretation of drug and alcohol test results 
  • Enhanced reporting for submission to Family Courts 
  • Appearance in court to defend clinical recommendations 

An independent medical expert witness service – from enhanced reporting to taking the stand in a family courtroom

“Expert witness service” is a broad term. In a childcare case involving alcohol or drugs, it could mean putting lab results into a medical context, or making a formal assessment of the parent. Then when it comes to recommendations, it could mean a written report or speaking to defend conclusions on the witness stand. 

The question is always, “what can an expert witness tell you in this particular case – and how are their recommendations best delivered?”  

Usually, the answer involves one or more of the following: 

Medical Interpretation 
When results come back from the lab with a biochemist’s commentary, it’s our job to add the clinical perspective. Using the parent’s medical history and present circumstances, we can stress-test the initial findings and give a measured opinion. 

In doing so, we’ll take account of: 

  • Anomalies, where one blood or hair test contradicts the other 
  • Contaminants – other means of exposure to alcohol or drugs 
  • Medical reasons for the presence (or lack) of specific markers 
  • Behaviour – the observations of our highly trained sample collectors 

Our aim is always to find the answers with a degree of certainty, then determine the probable and possible effects: how will drugs or alcohol change the parent’s behaviour, and how do their habits manifest as a risk to the child? 

Psychiatric Evaluation 
Where medical interpretation leaves questions unanswered, we’ll always recommend a more detailed assessment. Working one-to-one with the parent, our psychiatrist will establish a dialogue, to draw out their life stories and understand their behaviour. 

Whether it’s a drug or alcohol habit, we’ll be looking for similar answers – exploring patterns, origins, triggers, predisposing factors and more. It all combines to build a picture, and highlight areas of risk.  

Enhanced Clinical Interpretation 
Sometimes, there are lingering doubts. If two sets of lab tests raise discrepancies… if medical commentary is queried… if we can’t give a balanced opinion… then one or both sides may call for an enhanced report. 

This may involve further testing – taking new samples, to check for consistencies and add a second timeframe. But often, it’s just a matter of clarification – answering questions that come in response to the initial report. 

Either way, we’ll add an ECI as an appendix to the court bundle, so there’s less room for dispute when the case comes to court. 

Taking the Witness Stand 
Every assessment is carried out by a senior psychiatrist, and written up for submission to the Family Court. Often, the report is evidence enough – but if called on, our psychiatrist will appear at the hearing to clarify their conclusions. 

As we work closely with accredited laboratories – and reach decisions with them in tandem – we can also arrange for a biochemist to stand as a separate witness. This can help in cases that hinge on one disputable piece of evidence, as a verdict is easier when two experts are in full agreement. 

Why work with Atkinson Lewis? 

  • A “Data Plus” approach, putting lab results in context 
  • Medical interpretation by a drug and alcohol specialist 
  • End to end support for public and private law cases: from sample collection to lab analysis and medical review
  • MIFA Report: an expert witness statement accepted by UK Family Courts, with options for enhanced reporting and in-court appearance 
  • All testing conducted by trusted partners in ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory – certified for multiple tests inc. hair drug testing and hair/blood alcohol testing 
  • Friendly, non-judgemental sample collectors working in most UK regions – highly trained to follow strict chain of custody protocols 
  • Transparent pricing for LAA approval 
  • Split-billing between all parties involved  
  • Hands-on customer service team, working all hours to take on new instructions 
  • Paperless system – from Digital Court Bundle to secure document storage 

Hair and drug testing in child custody cases - Expert witness report

Our Medical Expert Witness service starts with a MIFA report:

Medical Interpretation of Forensic Analysis

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