The Drug & Alcohol Report that offers every safeguard

  • Proves chain of custody
  • Records forensics
  • Adds medical context
  • Balances evidence

From hair and blood sample to lab analysis and medical review…it’s all documented in the Atkinson Lewis MIFA

In any public or private law case, our service begins with the MIFA: our Medical Interpretation of Forensic Analysis.

It’s a report we assemble piece by piece by taking care of the whole testing process, through a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessments. On submission, it guides the court through the challenge of safeguarding the child – and in the process, saves you the trouble of dealing with multiple experts.

As you’ll discover, the MIFA is:

  • STREAMLINED: 100% original, 100% relevant – free of the vague, generic info that pads out so many reports.
  • DETAILED BUT SIMPLE: there are no easy answers, but it’s easy to read and follow – written in plain English with a simple table of results.
  • LEGALLY COMPLIANT: every base is covered, then reported with appropriate caveats – a format accepted by Family Courts in tens of thousands of cases.
  • TECHNICALLY TRANSPARENT: lab techniques are laid bare for scrutiny by all parties, with rationale given for any conclusions drawn.
  • CONTEXTUALISED: whatever the drug/alcohol levels – or combinations – we report the probable and possible effects, as well as mitigating factors like exposure to contaminants.
  • RISK-AWARE: while most reports simplify levels as Low, Mid or High, the MIFA goes further – exploring the likely pattern of use and the risk that presents to the child.
  • CLINICALLY RESPONSIBLE: where dangerous levels are found, we recommend medical interventions – a potentially life-saving step, as with a recent report that detected liver failure.

In public and private law, the MIFA is a foundation for all our drug and alcohol cases. Psychiatric reports and other extras can be added as required.

Click below to find out more about the MIFA’s component parts, plus a few other ways we can support your case.

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