Would you like to Enhance your Firm’s Knowledge of Drug and Alcohol Testing in The Family Court?

Calling all family law solicitors! If you want to enhance your skills in handling drug and alcohol cases, join us for special CPD-accredited events tailored to you.

Atkinson Lewis will come to you and provide invaluable training on Drug and Alcohol testing for your Family Court Cases.

Meet the Speaker: Dr Catherine Pyves

As Medical Director at Atkinson Lewis, Dr. Pyves oversees the recommendations made in all our drug and alcohol cases. Through medical interpretation or psychiatric assessment, she adds a human context to lab results – creating a balanced picture of evidence for consideration by Family Courts.

The Atkinson Lewis MIFA

CPD Events for Drug and Alcohol Testing

These talks draw on her years of handling drug and alcohol cases through the Probation Services, A&E, and General Practice.

Dr Catherine Pyves will lead us through two engaging sessions where we’ll cover:

1. Understanding Common Drugs:

Learn about different drugs, how they’re used, their effects, and how we test for them. Discuss why certain test results can be challenged in court.

2. Choosing the Right Tests for Family Court Cases:

  • Find out which tests are best for building a strong case without breaking the bank.
  • Understand why test results can sometimes give the wrong impression.

3. Medical Insights and Substance Misuse:

  • When do we need a medical professional’s opinion, even if the tests seem clear?
  • See how past and current drug use can affect children’s safety…

4. Detecting Multiple Drugs:

  • Learn techniques to spot when someone’s using different drugs or swapping them out.

5. Supporting Families:

  • Discover ways to help families stay together, even with drug misuse.
  • Find out how to make sure treatment keeps working.
The effect of diverted prescription drugs on child custody cases

Host at Your Office or Hired Space

We’ll come to you! These talks are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Whether it’s at your office or a hired space, hosting allows for:

Convenience: Learn and network without leaving your workplace or a chosen location.

Personalisation: Tailor the event to your team’s needs and schedule.

The effects of parents with drug and alcohol problems on children

We look forward to meeting you! Please register your interest here.

Disclaimer: This event is for learning purposes and does not substitute legal advice. For case-specific inquiries, please consult a legal expert.

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