Work With Atkinson Lewis 

An Expert Witness opportunity for psychiatrists UK-wide 

Our business is expanding. With sample collectors working across the country, and more Local Authorities turning to us for expert witness reports, there are busy times ahead – especially for our medical review team, under Dr Catherine Pyves. 

So if you’re a psychiatrist with a pedigree in drug and alcohol casework, we’d like to hear from you. 

Whether you’re in regular practice or freelancing as an independent specialist, there could be a flexible place for you in our fast-growing team: reviewing the forensic analysis that comes back from the lab, and adding your own clinical judgement to the finished report. 

Sometimes, where multiple tests point to the same conclusions, it’s a straight forward case of reviewing the client’s history and flagging anything that sheds new light on the results. And other times, where tests contradict each other, it’s about digging deeper – carrying out a full psychiatric review, to better understand their behaviour and the risk to the child. 

In either event, you’ll be working with our respected team of experts, and helping the Family Courts to make safer decisions. 

Why partner with Atkinson Lewis? 

As you know, it’s never easy in the “gig economy”. No matter how badly people need your expertise, there’s the constant feast-and-famine…fighting to protect your prices…and juggling all those petty admin tasks that sap your time and energy.  

It’s the same for every independent expert. But we can take those headaches away. 

Our marketing system will generate work for you, in public and private law cases, always at rates that reflect your professional status. And our back office team will take care of all the cumbersome duties: estimating, proposals, contracts, research, court filing, invoicing and more. 

We can even help you manage your books and complete your tax returns. 

In other words, we’re your marketing team and PA , all in one – serving you regular work and automating payments, so you can focus on activities where you make the most impact. 

Getting Started 

First things first, we’ll need your CV. We’ll be checking for specialisms and level of experience – but that doesn’t mean we’re only looking for senior consultants.  

We’ve built a peer review system, where senior staff work side by side with the more recently qualified. So at first, we’re simply getting a feel for where you’ll fit in and how. 

You can send us your CV now by emailing

Or if you’d prefer to discuss the opportunity first, call us now on 01792 578623.