Our sample collection team for drug and alcohol tests

Sample collection for drug and alcohol testing

Our sample collectors and coordinators are the faces of the company, and they take pride in what they do. 

All of our collectors are friendly and welcoming. They have been trained to put clients at ease with years of experience in phlebotomy and hair collection. 

What initiates drug testing in child custody cases?

About our sample collectors and process

  • Our sample coordinators are happy to organise a collection that suits your client. They are flexible on dates and times. We will always try to make it as convenient for the client as possible.
  • We can work around your clients, by meeting somewhere that suits them. Examples of suitable addresses could be their home or solicitor’s office.
  • The collectors try to be punctual. However, if there is traffic or delays they provide clear communication. They always make sure the client knows what’s going on.
  • If a client is nervous or stressed – our sample collectors are considerate and supportive. They will never make someone feel pressured or uncomfortable.
  • The whole process is kept confidential, with secure privacy procedures in place.

Positive feedback about our sample collectors

We are always receiving positive feedback from our clients regarding our collectors. Please see the following feedback we got:

Having never been through testing such as this before, I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect.

With hindsight, I should not have been so concerned. Kelly was simultaneously both a consummate professional, and very approachable.

She took time to talk me through the process and explain the purposes of what she was doing, never once rushing me or acting without explanation.

She made a potentially uncomfortable and worrisome process, exceptionally easy and relaxed; all the while maintaining the high standards which I’m sure she is known for.”

Client based in Carmarthenshire
The Drug & Alcohol Laboratory Report that Offers a Medical Interpretation

Sample collection made simple…

UK laboratory for drug and alcohol testing
  1. Enquire here giving details about what test you require, or call us on 01792 578 623 to discuss.
  2. We will contact you or your client to arrange a sample collection appointment.
  3. One of our qualified sample collectors will travel to you, or your client – at a time that suits them, to an address of your choice.
  4. Our sample collector will then accordingly collect the samples from your client, whilst complying with the chain of custody process.  
  5. The samples are sent to our UK laboratory for the testing process to begin.
  6. Once our team receives the results, then a detailed report written by our medical expert.
How is substance testing used in the family court?

For more information on sample collection, or if you have an enquiry – please contact us.

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