Top Reasons to Choose Atkinson Lewis for Drug and Alcohol Testing

Family law solicitors often find themselves in the thick of complex legal cases involving drugs and alcohol. When it comes to testing, especially using hair samples, it’s crucial to ensure it’s rock solid.

In this blog, we’ll outline why Atkinson Lewis is the ideal choice for reliable drug and alcohol testing in family law cases.

How hair drug testing can identify recreational vs dependent misuse

Reasons to work with Atkinson Lewis

  • Same Day Sample Collection Appointments:

Atkinson Lewis understands the urgency associated with family law cases. We offer same-day sample collection appointments. Our prompt service allows solicitors to quickly gather the necessary evidence. This expedites the legal process and helps families find resolution faster.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions for Family Law Solicitors.

We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for family law solicitors. Our extremely competitive prices allow solicitors to manage their budgets efficiently while still obtaining high-quality drug and alcohol testing services. We believe that access to reliable testing should not be a financial burden for our clients

  • Friendly and Experienced Collectors:

Our team consists of friendly and experienced collectors who prioritize the comfort and well-being of those undergoing testing. We understand that the process can be emotionally charged. Our compassionate approach ensures that all parties feel at ease during the collection process.

  • Expert Clinical Opinion:

In addition to collecting samples, we offer expert clinical opinion on the test results. This added layer of expertise can be invaluable in family law cases. We provide solicitors with a comprehensive understanding of the implications of the results and help them make informed decisions. Our medical reports truly add value to the full evidential picture.

  • End-to-End Support for Family Law Cases:

We provide comprehensive support throughout the drug and alcohol testing process. From scheduling appointments to interpreting results, we are with you every step of the way. This ensures that solicitors have a reliable partner to lean on as they navigate complex family law cases.

  • Small Family-Run Business:

As a small family-run business, we prioritize personalized service and a commitment to our clients’ success. When solicitors choose us, they become part of our extended family, receiving the attention and care that only a small business can offer.

How parents with drug and alcohol problems impact children

Making a Difference in Family Law

In the complex world of family law, where the stakes are high and emotions run deep, choosing the right partner for drug and alcohol testing can make all the difference.

Our commitment to same-day sample collection, competitive pricing, experienced and compassionate collectors, expert clinical insights, comprehensive support, and the warmth of a small family-run business sets us apart as the ideal choice for family law solicitors.

Why we use hair segmentation in drug tests
Declared Drug Misuse and Hair Test Results

Your dedicated drug and alcohol testing provider

By entrusting us with your testing needs, solicitors can ensure the accuracy and integrity of the process and provide the invaluable support that families deserve during challenging times. Together, we can help guide the courts towards resolution and closure, making a meaningful impact in the realm of family law.

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