Cansford Laboratories

Our trusted hair testing partners in 15,000+ cases

Accurate testing underpins everything we do – so this vital work is always placed in the safest hands 

Drug and alcohol testing labs are notoriously hit and miss – many with wayward margins of error, as wide as +/-25%. So we will only entrust this critical work to a lab that meets our exacting standards. 

Meet Cansford Laboratories: our trusted hair testing partners. 

Cansford was founded in 2011 by biochemists John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis, who previously founded TrichoTech – one of the first labs in the UK to use hair analysis as a form of drug detection. 

Our co-founder Dr Rosemary Atkinson worked with TrichoTech in the 90s, while developing a drug treatment programme for the NHS in Swansea. Finding them to be more skilled – and more diligent – than other testing labs, Dr Atkinson used them repeatedly, developing a close partnership that lasted a number of years.  

So when Atkinson Lewis was founded in 2009, TrichoTech became the first and only choice for hair testing. 

Soon, solicitors were commenting on the difference in our collaborative reports – noting a stark contrast with the industry-standard vague reports that come padded with generic detail.  

Our tests, it was said, were more reliable…our analysis more revealing…and our conclusions easier to fathom.   

Fast forward a few years, and TrichoTech was sold. After which, John and Lolita set up Cansford at a new high-tech facility in Cardiff. Since launching in 2011, they’ve been our sole hair testing partner – collaborating with us to safeguard children, around 1500 times a year. 

Do our experts agree on every case? 

Not necessarily. But our report is fully transparent: spelling out the arguments in clear layman’s terms, including probable and possible effects of any drugs or alcohol detected.  

Judges can then weigh up the evidence and give a considered verdict – knowing their judgement is based on expert analysis and interpretation. 

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